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My name is Judy Docksey, I have four children & six grandchildren.

Of my four children, my daughter Veronica (Royston), shares my passion for the Shetland Sheepdog. Together, we strive for perfection under the prefix of "Beauideal".

e have owned Shelties since 1979 (pets) the first being a tri colour bitch named "Leisha", closely followed by a sable and white male named "Zorro". Both were of pet quality (obtained as two year old giveaways) but proved to be absolutely "super" pets.

"Beauideal" was established in 1987 and our first litters were from a sable and white bitch named "Claredo Classy Candy".

My first show quality Sheltie was bought in 1988. In a Saturday newspaper was an advertisement for Shetland Sheepdogs puppies. The telephone number was a local one and I made arrangements to view the litter.

The litter comprised of a number of males and one female. The female was absolutely gorgeous. I made an expression of interest in this pup and asked if she was a show prospect. The owner (Jan Boyce of "Nantiki Kennels") tried to steer me from the girl and said a male would be a better to "start" showing.

I wanted that girl!

I told Jan that if the girl became available I will take her, but I was not interested in obtaining one of the males.

A few weeks later I received a call from Jan to collect my pup.

Of course I rushed straight around there to pick her up!

With my little girl in my arms I enquired what her name was. Jan advised me that the pup didn't have one as she often doesn't name them in case they are sold as pets (thereby not requiring registration papers). Well, I thought my girl was adorable and I said "I'm going to name her "Trinket", so perhaps you could use "Trinket" as a part of her registered name"~

That was how I obtained and named my beautiful "Australian Champion Nantiki Gold Trinket CD".

How lucky was I to obtain such a glamorous, animated and sweet bitch!

was a natural in the ring and she taught me a lot. Some people may think it a waste for a novice to have a bitch of such quality, I disagree. Perhaps the drop out rate of novices would not be as high if they started out with something "special".

"Trinket" was a consistent winner at specialty and all breed levels as well as enjoying obedience, tracking and agility.

At the 3rd National Shetland Sheepdog Show in Sydney, Australia, I met Shirley Fox of "Shelmanna Kennels" from Tasmania. Shirley was a friend of Jan Boyce's and was staying with Jan.

Shirley has beautiful dogs and "Trinket" just happened to be in season while she was here. I was lucky enough to be able to use her magnificent dog, "Grand Champion Shelmanna Jazzman ("Jazz")" and that mating produced "Australian Champion Beauideal Applause ("Sarah Lee")".

"Sarah" followed in her mother's footsteps consistently winning in the ring. She had a lot of presence, an elegant, reachy neck and always dripping in coat.

Her first (and only Australian) litter produced "Australian Champion Beauideal Sweethart ("Natasha")".

A Sheltie specialist judge from South Africa (now residing in Canada), fell for "Sarah" in a big way. He purchased Sarah from us and she has continued with her winning ways over there.

Sarah is now "Australian, South African, Zimbabwe & Canadian Champion Beauideal Applause for Grand Gables ROMA". This has given our little "Sarah" the honour of being the first Australian bred Shetland Sheepdog bitch to gain titles in four countries and believed to be the first Sheltie to gain championship titles on three continents.

 We couldn't be more proud. I can't thank Guy Jeavons and Mark McMillan ("Grand Gables Kennels" - Canada) enough for campaigning "Sarah" to the three additional titles.

"Sarah" has gone on to produce many champions of which are now in many countries around the world, including back here in Australia!

"Sarah" and "Trinket" are both very special girls and Beauideal owes it's beginnings to them.